Plant Robert, Epesses, 2016

Lavaux AOC

Red wine

70 cl – cork stopper

CHF 22.00

The grape variety:

Plant Robert ((internal link to this grape variety_Plant Robert)), or Plant Robez, is an indigenous Lavaux variety. Its name comes from the French verb dérober which means to steal: “plant dérobé” therefore suggests quite a story! This variety grows particularly well in light and dry soils. Due to its very small cultivation area, it is an authentic speciality that will be appreciated by gourmets.


The wine:

A deep garnet red colour. Dominated by aromas of berries, the complex bouquet also expresses nuances of violets with a spicy touch. The attack on the palate is mellow, with a nice acidity providing a good balance and with pronounced fruity aromas. A slight rustic touch gives charm to this wine.


Serving temperature:

14 to 18 °C



Poultry, game birds, red meats, mushroom dishes.


Ideal maturity:

3 to 4 years



70 cl bottle, cork stopper