In the heart of the spectacular terraced vineyards of Lavaux – a UNESCO world heritage site – impassioned winegrower and winemaker Laurent Berthet cultivates his vineyard of two hectares.

For more than eight centuries, the Lavaux plants have been bathing in the sunlight that ripples through the vertiginous shores of Lake Geneva, sheltered by the nocturnal heat of the vineyard walls, and nourished by the morainic and mineral soil. Through his wines, Laurent Berthet tells this age-old and traditional story while incorporating modern cutting-edge winemaking techniques.

His vineyard reflects the strong identify of the terroir as well as a desire for a durable and integrated viticulture. Thanks to an integrated production process that respects ecosystems, Laurent Berthet’s wines are sublime in taste and aroma.

Let yourself be enchanted by the violet notes of a Plant Robert, or the floral notes of a Grains d’Amour.

Jean-Pierre and the 70s

The history of the wine estate begins in the seventies. Jean-Pierre BERTHET, grandfather of Laurent, then vineyard manager of a well-known wine estate in the region, buys the vineyard of Châtelard, located in the appellation region of Villette. From the first planting, he opts to cultivate the vines on wire, a practice that is rare in the region at the time.


Roger and the 90s

His son Roger BERTHET takes up the torch in 1987. He proceeds to purchase the house in Cully as well as the neighbouring vineyards, among which figures our famous Plant Robert, for which he carries out the first bottling. Cultivation techniques are gradually evolving and we witness a transition towards integrated farming.


Laurent and the beginning of the 21st century

Laurent BERTHET takes over operations in 2004. Soon after, he carries out the first vinification process inside the family home itself. He plans new varieties that lead to a diversification of both the grape varieties and the wine list. In 2010, Laurent undertakes expansion work on the house and builds the current cellar.

Today, Laurent BERTHET is working on various modifications to the way in which way the vineyards are managed in order to increase the possibilities for mechanisation and to optimise quality. The vinification process is studied in order to exploit to the maximum the potential of the wines.


The near future

New grape varieties are being planted and we will be happy to present them to wine lovers in a few years’ time.

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