Les vins Berthet, The passion of a winegrower and winemaker in Lavaux.

Discover exceptional Swiss wines.

Laurent Berthet, passionate winegrower and oenologist, cultivates his vines in the heart of the spectacular Lavaux terraced vineyards – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – in Switzerland.

The flamboyant spectacle of colors and reliefs plunging into Lake Geneva and flirting with the Alps is the pride of the region’s winegrowers.

The Lavaux vines tell eight centuries of history.

Through his wines, Laurent Berthet perpetuates the tradition by integrating cutting-edge and modern winemaking techniques. Its vineyards reflect the strong identity of the terroir and its commitment to sustainable viticulture. Thanks to integrated production that respects ecosystems , Laurent Berthet wines are enhanced in taste and aroma.

Just be captivated by the purple note of a Plant Robert, or the floral note of a Grains d’Amour. Taste our wines directly at our cellar by registering here or discover them on our online store .

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“Our vine, grown for your sole pleasure. Of course”

Laurent Berthet, winemaker